Master of Laws

Profile of the Graduate
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Master of Laws

Train specialists with the necessary skills to analyze and propose alternative solutions to problems of criminal law. They will be able to improve their performance in this branch of law; in order to achieve compliance with its true social function of regulating human coexistence with justice.

Profile of the graduate

The graduate has an integrated background of characteristics that reflect the demands of professional practice in terms of requirements that define knowledge. Skills, values ​​and attitudes that the student must show as a result of the incorporation and development of the Master of Laws program with specialization in Criminal Law.


First Quarter

Philosophical Anthropology

National and International Litigation Strategies in the Field of Human Rights

Law Teaching Model

Institutional Guarantees

Second Quarter

Legal Axiology

Historical Analysis of Law

The Application of Jurisprudence in Law

Third Quarter

Legal Ethics

Historical Analysis of Law

New Technologies applied to the Teaching of Law

The Criminal Justice System of Mexico

Fourth Quarter


Minor Offender Procedures

Current Problems of Criminology

Fifth Quarter



Criminal Psychology

Sixth Quarter

Certification Process

Legal Medicine

New Forms of Crime