Master on Education

Profile of the Graduate
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Master on Education

The Master's Degree in Education seeks to train professionals prepared to:
The graduate will be able to analyze the educational needs and apply the best practices for their solution, on an individual, group and organizational level.

He will design high quality educational programs in face-to-face, mixed and virtual environments, review the multicultural aspects of education, and have intercultural communication skills to participate in this educational context.

Profile of the graduate

The graduate will develop an educational leadership in environments characterized by responsible and assertive decision-making, which results in the benefit of individuals, families and the whole community.


First Quarter

Philosophical Foundations in Education

Theories of Learning

Introduction to Educational Research

Ethics and Legal Regulations in Education

Second Quarter

Curricular Design

Technology in Education

Leadership for Organizational Learning Environments

Multicultural Concepts in Education

Third Quarter

Capstone in Education

Online Education and Virtual Environments

Comparative Education

Cross-Cultural Communication: Teaching in Other Countries.

Fourth Quarter

Critical Theory in Education

Competences and Quality in Education

Inclusive Classrooms and Communities

Effective Teams and Groups

Reconocimiento progresivo de estudios

Diplomado en Intervención Educativa Avanzada.
(Al finalizar el segundo cuatrimestre).

Diplomado en Gestión Educativa e Internacionalización.
(Al finalizar el cuarto cuatrimestre).