Business Administration

Profile of the Graduate
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Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration seeks to train individuals ready to participate in the analysis, adaptation and practical incorporation of administrative models that encourage the development of business based on knowledge of efficient, effective and productive administrative systems, as well as financial, corporate strategies based on the valuation of budgets, risk analysis and capital structure, and quantitative techniques that allow finding effective solutions for business problems.

Profile of the graduate

The student will show skills and attitudes to make decisions, exercise leadership in organizations, incorporate innovative perspectives of leadership, administration and negotiation. He will be able to solve problems related to the development of human capital, finance, marketing and international business, as well as to create plans of business and projects in which the best practices in business administration are applied and business contributions are made that benefit the society. All based on an attitude of quality in service, ethics and commitment.


First Quarter

Managerial Accounting

Information Systems

Business Research and Analysis

Financial Management

Second Quarter

Quantitative Methods in Business

Marketing Management

Human Resources Management

Social Networks Marketing in Modern Business

Third Quarter

Managerial Economics

International Business Management

Leadership and Administration

The Business Plan

Fourth Quarter

International Marketing

Project Management

Organizational Development

Capstone (cases in management problems)

Reconocimiento Progresivo de Estudios

Diplomado en Factores Clave de Negociación Empresarial
(al finalizar el segundo cuatrimestre)

Diplomado en Dirección Estratégica de Negocios
(al finalizar el cuarto cuatrimestre)