Public Administration

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Public Administration

The Licensed in public administration must have sufficient knowledge in the areas of: research, technical-practical, legal, economic, social, administrative, theoretical-political and quantitative. That as a whole will allow him to achieve the effectiveness of public organizations in the professional practice, as well as continue postgraduate studies within public administration and political science and related areas. And take advantage of other potential options offered by the field of teaching and research.


The graduate of the bachelor's degree must have solid theoretical knowledge about the discipline, gather a wide technical and administrative support tool, as well as a clear social orientation that allows him to develop behaviors that maximize the function of state bodies for the benefit of society.


First Quarter

Financial Mathematic

Globalization and Economy in México


Operational Computing

Global Business Environment

Organizational Behavior

Second Quarter

Financial Mathematics Workshop

Information Systems for Business

Strategic Management


Descriptive Statistics

Civil Law

Third Quarter

Commercial Law

Research Methodology

Business Psychology

Inferential Statistics

Entrepreneurship: Life Career Plan

Strategic Management of Human Resources

Fourth Quarter

The Mexican Public System

Public Administration

English I

Entrepreneurship: Business Skills

Cultural Anthropology

Constitutional Right

Fifth Quarter


Administrative Law

Design and Evaluation of Projects

Supply Chain Management

Organization and Methods

The New Public Management

Sixth Quarter

Culture and Organizational Knowledge

Comprehensive Audit

State Theory

Political Theory

Government and Municipal Management

Organizational Psychology

Sevent Quarter

Organization and Management

Contemporary Political Theory

Organizational Design

Quality System

International Economic Policy

Strategic Planning in Public Administration

Eighth Quarter

Group Dynamics

Political Parties

Finance and Business Strategy

Theory and Techniques of InterviewS

Globalization and Business

Change and Organizational Innovation

Ninth Quarter

Management of Intellectual and Human Resources

Human Resources Development

Senior Management

State and Market

Final Seminar

Systems Technology

Tenth Quarter

Economic Integration


Social Securiy

Compensationand Benefits


Organizational Development