Bachelor´s Degree of International Commerce and Customs

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Bachelor´s Degree of International Commerce and Customs

To train graduates in international trade and customs, who analyze and structure processes to intervene in the global business environment through the correct use of the current rules on civil, commercial, constitutional and fiscal law. Able to optimize communication in companies, regulate merchandise traffic, achieve adequate control in business processes, import and export to act in the changing competitive and globalized world.


The graduate will be able to evaluate the profitability of internal and external market projects, plan and implement trading strategies for commercial products, promote and carry out successful negotiations and effective commercial agreements. Manage the logistics of international trade to make trade exchanges easier, in addition to interpreting the legal norms that regulate international trade.


First Quarter

Elementary Algebra

Globalization and the Mexican Economy


Operational Computing

Global Business Environment

Organizational Behavior

Second Quarter

Financial Mathematics Workshop

Information Systems for Business

Strategic Management


Descriptive Statistics

Civil Law

Third Quarter

Commercial Law

Research Methodology

Business Psychology

Inferential Statistics

Entrepreneurship: Life and Career Plan

Strategic Management of Human Resources

Fourth Quarter

Entrepreneurship: Business Competences

International Marketing

English I

Import and Export

Logistics and Transportation

Foreign Trade I

Fifth Quarter

English II

International Marketing Strategies


Foreign Trade II

Market Research

Supply Chain Management

Sixth Quarter

English III

Financial Accounting

International Law

International Sales Techniques

Comprehensive Audit

Tax and Customs Law

Seventh Quarter

English IV

Design and Evaluation of Projects

Tax Law

Financial Administration

International Economy Policy

Constitutional Law

Eighth Quarter

English V

Economy for Decision Making

Finance and Business Strategy

International Economic Theory

Globalization and Business

Social Responsibility of Organizations

Ninth Quarter

English VI

Media Plan

Senior Management

Quality and Competitiveness

Thesis Seminar I

Systems Technology

Tenth Quarter

English VII


Customs Processes

Thesis Seminar II

Ethics in Business

Organizational Development