Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Psychology

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Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Psychology

To train graduates in industrial psychology who develop, execute and evaluate methods, techniques and strategies in the fulfillment of the personal and professional needs of the worker, which allows to satisfy the needs of the different areas of the company. Able to promote programs and plans in his mediating function between the company and employees, based on the knowledge of recruitment, training, planning and intervention methods.


The graduate will be able to identify the elements that influence human behavior at work and the impact generated by his social environment, as well as to plan, organize and direct labor relations.


Firsth Quarter

Psychological Theories

Motivational and Emotive Theories

Research Methods

Administrative Theories

Written Communication

Administrative Systems

Second Quarter

Statistics I

Learning Theories

Personality Theories

Organizational Theories

Human Resources Management

Interviewer Training

Third Quarter

Statistics II

Adult Development

Staff Recruitment and Selection


Strategic Planning

Consumer Behavior

Fourth Quarter

Vocational and Professional Mentoring

Professional and Personal Development

Industrial Psychology

Market Research

Operations and Quality

Corporate Finance

Fifth Quarter

Group Motivation

Human Capital Development


Organizational Climate

Safety and Industrial Hygiene

Intelligence Evaluation

Sixth Quarter

Stress and Employment

Psychometric Diagnosis and Evaluation Instruments

Labor Law


Payroll Management

Personality Evaluation

Seventh Quarter

Company Layout

Organizational Development

Employment and Society

Executive Training

Wages and Compensations

Ethics of Organizational Development

Eighth Quarter

Thesis Seminar I

Optional I

Optional II

Optional III

Optional IV

Optional V

Ninth Quarter

Thesis Seminar II

Optional VI

Optional VII

Optional VIII

Optional IX

Optional X