Bachelor’s Degree in Higher Education in Spanish

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Bachelor’s Degree in Higher Education in Spanish

To train graduates in Higher Secondary Education in Spanish to manage the semantic and grammatical basics of the language with the objective of the development of communicative skills in oral and written expression, in a clear and precise way with students, making use of the technology to optimize the teaching- learning process of the Spanish towards the writing of texts.


The graduate will know the different philosophical currents and their influence on the consolidation of the Spanish. He will know the different expressions of the oral and written language, as well as the processes and methods to write and edit texts in all the genres applying the appropriate technique.


First Semester

Pedagogical Theory I

Psychology and Education I

Quantitative and Qualitative Research

Information Systems I

Introduction to Social Thought/Thinking

Introduction to Philosophy

General Social History

Second Semester

Pedagogical Theory II

Psychology and Education II

Educational Communication I

Information Systems II

Epistemology of Social Sciences

Introduction to Economics

History of Mexico I

Third Semester

Philosophy of Education

Educational Communication II

Sociology of Education

Introduction to Law

Introduction to Political Science

History of Mexico II

Fourth Semester


General Didactics I

Psychological Paradigms of Education

Introduction to Social Research

Micro- and Macroeconomics

Economic and Political Geography

Principles of Administration

Fifth Semester

Competency-based Training

General Didactics II

Contemporary Psychoeducational Paradigms

Teaching Workshop

Contemporary Sociology

Applied Social Research

Geography of Mexico

Sixth Semester

Mexican Educational System

Curricular Strategies

Educational Orientation

Educational Legislation

Politic Science

Globalization, Democracy and State

Strategic Planning

Seventh Semester

Convergence and Privatization of Education

Comparative Pedagogy

Competency Assessment

Social and Economic Problems

Mexican Political System

Cultural Theory


Eighth Semester

Design of Didactic Sequences

Educational Evaluation/Assessment

Final Seminar Sciences by means of Informatics

Economics of Education