Bachelor’s Degree in Higher Education in Mathematics

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Bachelor’s Degree in Higher Education in Mathematics

To form graduates in Higher Education in Mathematics with knowledge, skills and tools to act as teachers and facilitators in the planning, development and assessment in the teaching of mathematics, through the selection of teaching-learning strategies.


Graduates will acquire the knowledge of mathematical theories for the solution of practical problems, applying the methodology of research and the relationship with other scientific disciplines in everyday life, they will know the theoretical parts of strategic planning and its application. They will promote creativity for the solution of problems and the curiosity for the search of knowledge.


First Semester

Pedagogical Theory I

Psychology and Education I

Quantitative and Qualitative Research

Information Systems I

Mathematics I

Numeral System

Logic I

Second Semester

Pedagogical Theory II

Psychology and Education II

Educational Communication I

Information Systems II

Mathematics II

Geometry I

Logic II

Third Semester

Philosophy of Education

Educational Communication II

Geometry II

Statistics I

Algebra I

Set Theory I

Fourth Semester


General Didactics I

Psychological Paradigms of Education

Geometry III

Statistics II

Algebra II

Set Theory II

Fifth Semester

Competency-based Training

General Didactics II

Contemporary Psychoeducational Paradigms

Teaching Workshop

Geometry IV

Algebra III

Differential Calculus I

Sixth Semester

Mexican Educational System

Curricular Strategies

Educational Orientation

Geometry V

Probability I

Algebra IV

Differential Calculus II

Seventh Semester

Convergence and Privatization of Education

Comparative Pedagogy

Competency Assessment

Probability II

History of Mathematics

Integral Calculus I

Applied Mathematics

Eighth Semester

Design of Didactic Sequences

Educational Evaluation

Final Seminar

Teaching Mathematics by means of Informatics

Didactics in Mathematics

Integral Calculus II