Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Operations, Logistics and Transport.

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Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Operations, Logistics and Transport.

The Licensed in engineering, operations, logistics and transportation, will analyze, design, apply and evaluate engineering models that optimize production, distribution and storage by reviewing operational, financial and human costs for the measurement and prevention of risks, with the purpose to control the effective administration of the supply and transport, implementing the use of new information and communication technologies that allow him to innovate in the development of operations, promoting optimum quality in the processes.


The graduate in engineering, operations, logistics and transportation, will develop knowledge, skills, attitudes and skills that are listed below:

  • Adjustment, modifications and applications that are made in a maintenance plan.
  • Theoretical and practical bases of differential calculus and its importance in logistics and operations.
  • Strategic components and administration of the supply chain.
  • The different methods of costing and processes of inventory management.
  • Manage production processes in organizations.
  • Apply business forecast methods and computational tools for operations and logistics.


First Quarter

Principles/Starting point of Supply Chain

Fundamentals of Computing


Introduction to Statistics

Notions of Physics

Business Management

Second Quarter

Supply Management

Production Planning

Differential and Integral Calculus

Business Statistics

Fundamentals of Chemistry

Quality and Quality Processes

Third Quarter

Creativity and Organizational Change

Human Behavior in the Company

Differential Calculus in Integral of Several Variables

Business Forecast Method

Effective Transportation Management

Business Ethics

Fourth Quarter

Business Leadership

Ground Transportation

Linear Algebra

Inventory Management

Supply Chain Technologies

Optimal Warehouse Management

Fifth Quarter

International Administration and Operations

Air and Sea Transportation

International Strategic Planning

Operations Research

Operations Optimization

Contemporary Global Problems

Sixth Quarter

Economic blocs

Maintenance Management in Operations

Staff Administration

Advanced Operations Research

International Marketing

Business Relations with Mexico and the World

Seventh Quarter

Logistics and Transit

International Trade

International Distribution Systems

International Negotiation

International Franchises

Eighth Quarter

Skills for Global Managers

Global Business Success Cases

Global Business Trends

Intercultural Business

Selected Topics of Operations and Logistics

Ninth Quarter

New Trends in Operations and Logistics

Business Development

Personal and Professional Development

Final Seminar